womanlookingatskyGratitude is a mind set, it’s a conscious decision to see what’s going well verses what isn’t, seeing only, what’s wrong with you and everyone else. You know those days when everything seems to happen magically, you make every green light, you’re thinking of someone, they call or you run into them, exactly what you’ve desired shows up, the item you lost suddenly appears! We all have days like that but what about the other days when things seem to be in the opposite direction, nothing seems to be going right, what than? This my friend’s, where gratitude is your best friend. Join my community if you like what you’re reading.

I know for me when I am having the not so great days, it’s easy to feel whoa is me, but it’s also when gratitude is the key to the change. Thanksgiving holiday is saying give thanks, great reminder to take this mindset on as a daily practice!

You’re in charge of your mind and your thoughts, if you don’t engage your ability to be in charge it’ll run you, usually to not such great places. Any experience with this?

journaling_within-artsyHow about a gratitude journal. Daily, write, five to ten things you’re grateful for. It’s hard, at first, seems there’s nothing to feel grateful about. For me,  having a hot shower when it’s cold out is something I count on my gratitude list, having a place where heat works daily when it’s 20 degrees, a gift, I can write on my computer, ok you get the point, it’s all how we look at it. What we put our attention on, grows, the more we see the good, the more we see the good, the opposite is true, you’re so powerful, A Course In Miracles says; “we don’t ask for too much we ask for too little”, when we think it’s all going bad, sure sign we’re asking for too little.

I’m wishing you a day of connection, with yourself, a connection to something bigger than you, nature, friends, family, whatever brings you to greater connection. I hope Thanksgiving is a day you find peace and connection to your gratitude for who and what you are.