IMG_1854I believe in the power of support, individual or a group. When we share are struggles we aren’t carrying it,  it goes into the collective for change, there solutions can happen! Yesterday I was talking with my client Cece, she said “when I talk to you I feel like I give you all my stress I feel more relaxed and then I can go on and life feels easier.”

When we carry the stress in our mind, we go around and around with it,  it then becomes something else like:

  • pain in our back
  •  a headache
  • stomachache
  • anxiety
  • anger
  • fear

Then we may find ourselves eating a cookie, or a bag of cookies,  a pint of ice cream, Cheetos… By then we may not even remember why we are eating it or what drove us there in the first place because the behavior has become so automatic.

This is my passion, supporting my clients to take the behavior off the automatic, share what is going on, and find better solutions than turning to food for comfort. These habits are old and have served us well but now they are a liability! We can’t do the changes alone, we all need support and food is so primal, it is not a logical thought that brings us to food, it is from a very old place, let yourself be supported to move beyond the place you know to a place that is bigger and richer. Allow the light in.

That’s why I created a new weight loss group to support you.

Being in a weight loss support group has many benefits. For example, a study done by Agricultural Research Service scientists concluded that “dieters who have the help of a support group may experience less stress and less brainpower drain than those who go it alone.”