IMG_0985Fall the second New Year, or the first depending on how you view it. The Lunar calendar has this time as the head of the year. New years, new decades, transitions, great times to reevaluate what changes we are resisting, wanting, or making happen.  I was talking with a fellow coach about how difficult taking the first step can be towards change, even when it’s what we want! Wanting to change and deciding to change are not the same. Maybe you want to lose weight, but have you decided to lose weight, getting all the support you need to have that happen, are you willing to experience the effects from the change and make the adjustments the change requires? Let go of some comforts that are really not that comfortable because they are keeping you stuck, safe?It doesn’t really matter what the it is for changing maybe you wish you managed your time better, do you hear yourself saying, if only I had more time to do…” but are you willing to do anything different so you do meditate, or practice yoga? Maybe you want to have a better social life, go to more places, perhaps you really like listening to music, but you can’t remember the last time you heard any, perhaps you would like to have more people to share with, more community, feel more known? But going to a new place can be scary, not knowing what to expect,  feeling awkward in the unknown, are you wiling to talk to someone you don’t know, have a conversation about a topic you aren’t familiar with? Stepping out of our comfort zone to get what we want is the challenge for us all!

Chicago, summers are one of my favorite times of year.  I love the lake front,  walk and bike there at least a couple of times a week. I have been kyaking over the years, a couple of times,  every time I go I say I want to do more of this but… I don’t make it happen, scheduling, timing… I have excuses, why I don’t do it more, last summer not at all. This summer I promised myself I would get out there at least one time, I had planned a time to go, I was so excited I arrived in plenty of time to be at the location I thought it was supposed to be, but as I arrived I discovered I was at the north end, the launch was on the far south end, not a problem only a 5 minute walk, after I walk over I discovered it was the wrong site and not on the lake but that day at a lagoon. Sabotage perhaps, but I was not dissuaded, I rescheduled, this time arriving on time, right location, despite traffic and unexpected congestion with a holiday and construction.

The difference between this summer and last was my commitment to making sure I kayaked. This is a microcosm of life. How committed am I, are we, to doing that “thing” we say we want? What do you want that you are not allowing, or haven’t given yourself permission to have? How much different could your life be if you gave it to yourself? Do you want to feel amazing, look amazing, feel free, have more joy?

Would having more support be the encouragement you need to have that happen? Change does not happen alone, we need each other, it is not weakness to ask for help, it is strength to know what we need and ask for it.

Why not plan a time for us to sit down and see how I can support you to move through your stuck places with food, lifestyle and being the healthiest person you want to be.                  We are the only ones who can make the changes we need to make.cookies

Happiness is not at the bottom of these.