Happy, Sexy, Zesty, New You, This New Year!


Bring In The New Year With A Happier, Sexier, Zestier Version!


If you’re not at your weight goal and lately you’re thinking why not wait until the New Year ( heavy sigh)?

If thinking about (your) weight, is discouraging.

If you’ve been struggling to get consistency with your eating, and wonder what’s it going to take to do it different?

And you know your weight holds you back because it’s sucking your self esteem, and “you know” people judge you for your weight, (because you judge you for your weight).

And moving is challenging when you walk up the stairs you feel it!

And lately you avoid looking in the mirror and you want to strangle your BFF, if she wants to take another selfie.

And you know you can’t afford the 10 pound holiday add on but you seem to be heading in that direction!


Sexy, Zesty For The Holiday’s is designed for you.

To help redirect your eating, your weight, and your thinking. One without the other won’t work or last.

Going it alone is really hard, it’s so easy to quit on yourself! This time of the year is stressful, and taking care of you gets even harder so why not get the support of others to reach your goals rather than going it alone. Gain strength in others support and encouragement, and lose the weight and what’s weighing you down you deserve to feel lighter and happier.

What you’ll get in Happy, Sexy, Zesty…

  • 30 Day Plan To Take Action

  • Meal Suggestions

  • Healthy, Simple Recipes

  • 2- One Hour Live Group Calls, (recorded if you have to miss).

  • Accountability To Keep You Moving Forward

  • Email Reminders To Keep You On Purpose.

  • Strategies to redirect your thinking and to help you manage your stress and anxiety.


Sound like what’s been missing? 

Valued at $500.

Because “there’s no time to lose” it’s only $97! 

We start Thursday December 15th at 6:30pmCT! 

Group Session Thursday December 15th & 29th

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