Holiday VIP Day!

mind body and spiritual healthIs the stress of the season beginning to have its toll on you? Can’t remember what self care is or how to get it? Is the list of obligations ahead of you overwhelming and a challenge to figure out?  Feeling behind before you even begin? 

If you’ve been wishing you could get away but…the Holiday VIP day is for you!

Experience a healthy, peaceful, focused YOU! Spend a day focused on you where it’s not about a list of things you need to get done! The Holiday VIP will guide you to create a foundation of continued right action! Isn’t it time to put attention on caring for you? The holidays can be a slide into overwhelm, anxiety, weight gain, and disappointment. Why not choose a different approach this year? Stressing and being overwhelmed, will keep you further from your health and wellness goals!

Join the VIP day to support you through the holiday season it will prime you for your health and wellness goals for the New Year!

What is the Holiday VIP?


Holiday VIP day:

~ 60 minutes of private yoga specifically for your body type and level. You’ll learn postures and breathing techniques. Plus you’ll be given the tools to create a successful yoga home practice. Learn to bring a yoga mind into daily life!

As a yoga practitioner for over 20 years, teaching it for 15+, yoga will support you allow you to manage whatever comes your way.

~ 60 minutes shiatsu treatment. Shiatsu, is a Japanese massage, bringing the body and mind into balance. Feeling out of balance, from day to day living, worry, repetitive motions, negative thinking, sitting too long, staring at a computer screen for hours, stressing about…, living in an urban environment? Shiatsu brings a peaceful feeling to your mind, relaxation to your body, by incorporating stretching, and acupressure, to release stagnant emotions and holding patterns.

~ 60 minute health and wellness coaching session. Discover what isn’t working in your daily food choices and how to make better choices. Discover areas of your life seeking greater balance and leave with a plan for moving forward. You’ll receive recipes for simple healthy tasty meals incorporated into a busy schedule. Take away a plan for making healthy choices with suggestions for what to do daily.

~ Bonus: 30 minute aromatherapy consultation. Aromatherapy is the art of utilizing scents from plants and flowers to transform your experience. Did you know with in 60 seconds an essential oil works on the body, it can change your pain, your emotion a headache… They work quickly, as the oils connect to the limbic part of the brain where your emotions are stored, allowing changes to happen quickly.

~ Bonus 5 minute meditation to take with you to do anywhere any time.

Sound good?

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If you are looking for a recharge during this end of year intensity this is for you!!

Isn’t it time to prioritize your mind and body, the same way you prioritize caring for others?

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To a day of strengthening your health ~ empowering your healthy life choices.

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