IMG_1235The other night I was offering a workshop about looking and feeling hot + amazing.  Because so often we don’t see or allow ourselves to be both. We minimize ourselves by what we perceive as “our limitation”. Especially when we have body~ weight issues. We start thinking we are our story. Anyone relate? I can tell you that my warped perspective began young, 10? It became “my story” thinking ” I am fat” or “something is wrong with me”, the story continued to unfold until  I was lost in food and self loathing. That story continued for 17 years, that’s a lot of day after day; self loathing, desperation, not good enough plus a host of other self defeating patterns. Now many years on the other side I forget it was my story, for all those years.

Working with clients and supporting them to look at what they are doing, saying and experiencing, I am convinced it is the story that holds the power for change.  The longer the wait to let go of the story, the longer the weight of it looms large, weighing down the body and the mind. This is why “our  story”  is so important to tell, living it day after day, we forget it doesn’t have to be the way it is, especially if we have spent years dieting, losing weight, putting weight back on, taking it off, again and again, only to end up with more weight then we originally needed to lose, feeling the hopelessness, “it’s just who I am, and the way it will always be”, so why even bother?

This to me is the pain of dieting, it becomes the punishment for the misery we are experiencing, making the pain that much greater.

I realized  preparing for the workshop that the story telling, the sharing, and the discussion, pared with tools for making different choices, allows for a different story to be created and experienced, and hope starts to erode the pain and suffering.

Food is important, but really, it’s not about the food. I am a big advocate, of clean whole foods but when it comes to living hot + amazing which I believe is our birthright…it’s not about the food! Finding the love, compassion and forgiveness for oneself creates what we had been seeking in food,  leading to a fuller life with self, and others, so much more interesting and sustainable.

It’s been my experience that getting support and accountability is what can make the difference. Need more support I am here.

IMG_0609~To your loving yourself more each day.