Natalie couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t lose weight she told me “I only eat 1200 calories a day, I eat healthy and I have about 6 diet cokes a day. The first one of the day I’ve been drinking for twenty years”.

She told me “I don’t sleep well, I’m achey when I move, especiall on the ground playing with my grandkids”.

We explored what she valued most and her desires she’d been unable to achieve on her own. These desires fueled the goals we worked on during “Beyond The Diet Program”. She wanted to handle her weight. After her boys moved out her weight crept up 30 pounds heavier than she wanted. Her grandkids were a top priority, they represented an opportunity to do it different, she’d been a single working mom who missed her kids growing up. She wanted to be around in a way she couldn’t as her kids were growing up.

I helped her make changes she could easily incorporate into her daily life. I suggested a different plan for her morning drink than her diet coke, and if she decided she could have the Diet Coke after the one I’d suggested.

At our second session excitedly she told me ” I’m down to 2 Diet Cokes a day, and I gave up the morning Diet Coke!” She was eating more food and didn’t feel hungry as she used to, before we began working together. Now she was beginning to see the weight come off, we were both really excited”.

By the end of our time working together on “Beyond The Diet Program” she’d lost 30 pounds, was moving better, sleeping great, plus she commented “even during a very stressful time at work, in the winter when exercising was minimal I was able to achieve weight loss when in the past I’d have put weight on”! She also began identifying work desires which had been buried because she was always in survival mode, she was finally seeing she had options. She was incorporating self care practices and  was enjoying being in her body. And as she said “others are noticing I’ve lost weight and that I seem happier:)”.

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