IMG_1746This morning I was thinking self care, why does it matter? The topic had been stirring in me and then you know how when you know something is right you get “signs” affirming your rightness? As I was exploring what others have to say,  I noticed the title Invest in yourself…get coverage.  I thought that’s what I think invest in yourself and get coverage!  Which caused me to do a rewind, from a conversation yesterday. I was talking with a woman who was saying  “until now Self Care hasn’t really been that important to me.” I asked her why is that? She said “she hadn’t really had the time”… sound familiar? Then she said “I was too busy taking care of everyone else and minding what everyone else needed, to bother to take care of myself. And when I realized it I was 200 pounds, pain running down my arm and across my back, and looking at the same heart attack condition my cousin had just died from.” She then woke up to the importance of self care. It was no longer when she had time, she had time or literally her time…would be up.

Maybe you think,” glad I am not that bad”. But what I know to be true, we get that bad from not paying attention to daily needs, and day by day, we get that bad. If you can’t remember  the last time you sat down for a meal, cooked a meal, had hang out time to do nothing, or take a walk to smell the air and know how great it is to be alive, maybe another way is calling you too? I love the line, our breath is giving to us one moment at a time because it is that precious, as are you.

I began my practice in 1993 after experiencing and witnessing a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Now my life and work involves; practicing yoga, taking time to cook a meal, meditate, and use essential oils .  One day I had the thought I am busy, maybe I need to not be doing “all this” then right after that I heard “what if this is the most important thing you will do all day”, and then I remembered without “all of this” things don’t go very well.

It is my joy and my passion to share what I have learned over the years because I have been on both sides, I know it is so much easier to maintain good health, then it is to get healthy and so essential. Having a partner, buddy, an ally, a coach to guide and support when you want to quit, makes the journey so much easier, fun, and worthwhile. Do you need support? I would love to be part of your team. With hugs & love to you on this ever evolving journey we call living. Because you are so worth investing in!

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