IMG_1771This has been on my mind. What is it about changing that either scares or excites us? As kids we were changing all the time, teachers, classes, new learning, our body’s,  our friends, new schools, activities, and it was scary and kind of cool.

But as adults I am noticing how the mind  tricks us into believing that we can’t change or we won’t be able to change and saying we need to stay the same but we want things to change, like losing weight, not eating sugar, live healthier….. When you and I work together on diet and lifestyle, we discover patterns, habits, comforts in the way, of the new goal that  thing that saved you in the past is now a  liability.

A hectic life helps anchor these unhealthy patterns in place.
Any sound familiar?

  • Being too busy
  • Being over-scheduled
  • Being over committed
  • Keeping a cluttered space
  • Making poor food choices
  • Living with minimal movement
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Waiting until kids grow up
  • Waiting for  a different season
  • Thinking when there is a different job
  • Thinking when there is less business
  • Thinking when there is more business…

All of these things can leave us separate from our true-selves,  then we can’t remember why    changing matters or why it is worth committing to it, and if we do commit and uncomfortable feelings surface we  justify using those excuses to push the feelings  away and we keep on, same old same old.

No matter how good they sound they are excuses that keep us from having what we really want like:

  • losing weight
  • giving up sugar
  • have great meaningful work
  • living with more joy

These things mean change, we can’t do the same thing and get the results we say we want, seems so simple.

This is what I love about my work,  confronting my fears of changing, I support others to do the same. Isn’t it good to know we don’t change alone? It can feel like a free fall giving up the comfort of what we know, to experience what we don’t to have what we want, and never having it, maybe we doubt we ever will, but…  Without making the decision, we never will get to experience anything but what we are living, today. You are worth experiencing your healthiest, most radiant selves.

I am  here to support you, and if you thrive in a group, join us June 26th, see groups, either way, when you are ready  I am here. ~ Are you willing to risk changing, to get what you want?

Hugs and love, to you, I wish you willingness to change and grow, I know we can all do it!