Is your why big enough?

What’s your why?

What’s the thing that keeps you going no matter how hard it gets, how much you want to quit,  or when it feels like what you’re doing isn’t working, because you don’t see instant results or when you’re bored, or you’d rather eat cake:).

Because without a strong why that pulls you forward when your excuses are knocking, you won’t keep going.

When I was a kid I was blind. Well not exactly but I had terrible eye sight. At Dr.Feinberg’s he told me look at the chart and tell me what letters you see, (with my 2 brothers laughing)

me: what chart? Was it really that bad or was I just a comic? I don’t know but

It was bad, and that was at age 7.

So by 13 I wanted to be free of my oval tortoise rims. I hated them, it seemed like they defined me. At the chance to get contacts I was a hell YES! But Hard lenses were all there were.

And they hurt, they were a bit like a piece of glass in your eye, it was weird sticking something in my eyes, and my eyes watered. But I didn’t care, I wanted to not wear glasses.

And at the same time my brother got contacts but at 20yo in law school messing around with eyes watering, and discomfort wasn’t worth it to him, he said screw it, why go through this, I can see out of glasses, no more contacts for me.

But I was reeling in finally being free of the heavy weight on my face, marking my nose, and the rubbing behind my ears,

My why was big, but not so for my bro.


And same with your eating/healthy self, are you more like me no matter what you’re going to make it work, or more like my bro, it’s hard I want it but eh who needs it?


Think back over your history, when you did well following through on what felt healthy for you.

What was the thing that happened that changed that?. Work more stressful, or a family emergency or your partner working longer hours. And then maybe you told yourself I’ll just take a break from grocery shopping, extra movement, I just need to push through, but then the break went on and on …

If your WHY isn’t big enough….

It won’t keep you going when it starts to feel hard, uncomfortable or inconvenient.

And “if your why” is a wedding or a reunion, once it’s over where’s your incentive to keep you moving forward?

If you find your past is a series of stops and starts, you’re not alone! But having your why work for you is key to you getting “the healthy” you crave.

Check out this short video to have your WHY pull you forward


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