??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Yesterday morning at a networking event we were asked to finish the statement; “It feels like spring because”,  the responses really struck me, …. “It feels like spring because the ground smells earthy alive, I start to play in my garden, the crocuses begin to bloom, my dog runs in the mudd and tracks it in the house, I get to sit on my deck and read, my bare legs get exposed, and “ I know it’s spring because my winter coat no longer covers my butt”… Let’s stay connected, let me give you free stuff.

Wow, I thought, I’ve been there! I’d an over sized yellow wool coat, large black buttons, which wrapped around me like a warm blanket. It made me feel; safe, protected, and  hidden, but sad when the warmth came and I shed it. Spring conjured up what clothes still fit, should I go shopping, nope, too depressing, getting dressed was painful, few things fit and the things that did, I didn’t want to wear, mostly I felt miserable in my skin.
My internal mantra was, “I’m still like this and how can I hide? Daytime was the hardest.
This woman’s comment made me think of the need to be covered, how being exposed, doesn’t feel good. My experience of weight, body image, and my clients, tell me she’s not happy how she is, she’s not reflecting the image she wants of herself, and maybe embarrassed she’s where she is.
The  new season,  can seems as though the light is being shed on something that had been hidden and could be avoided, but now that it’s “exposed” now what? It can feel; depressing, scary, overwhelming, frustrating, hopeless, and discouraging … Where are you on this continuum?
How do you feel about the coming of spring? Do you feel exposed, are you regularly trying to cover up, could you use some support, stepping out? Comment below.

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