It’s Spring! In Chicago, it has been chilly, dreary, dark, wet, and… did I say dark? The longer days, warmer temperatures and sunnier days are talked about, anticipated and applauded!

So what does Spring Cleaning mean to you? What are your habits at this time of the year? Have you considered how you could clean your cupboards, your body and your mind for the ultimate cleansing experience?

Here are some ideas for beginning the cleansing process.

I suggest using 30 days as a good amount of time to begin the process of letting go of some of these holding toxins.

How about starting with your cabinets look at:

–       what foods are old
–       out-of-date spices and herbs
–       old items in your fridge

And how about items that don’t add any nutritional value to your diet? Like…

–       sugar
–       white flour
–       table salt
–       Nutrasweet and aspartame, to name a few artificial sweeteners

IMG_0095Try adding one green vegetable you have never cooked before to your weekly food consumption.

This adds phytonutrients to your diet. Like my favorite: Kale Chips.

How about keeping a 30-day journal of what you say to yourself?

Our thoughts do become things. Have you noticed on days when you are happy, good things seem to keep happening, but when you wake up late, you end up having mornings that can look like breaking your favorite mug, stubbing your toe, yelling at traffic… Ever wonder why that is?

Start with gratitude.

How about for the next 30 days, write 5 things you are grateful for at the end of the day, and see what happens? Start noticing small changes. They can add up to big results.