womanlookingatskyIt’s 15 days into the New Year remember those resolutions you made?  How are you doing with them?

Earlier I met with a woman who said my New Year’s resolution is to “let it go”! It had me thinking, how important it is to release what’s not working!

Ever notice yourself clinging to something “you think should work” but it’s not? Then you feel bad about yourself because it’s not working? This is the nature of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!

Is there something in your life causing you greater pain than benefit? Are you holding onto something, someone, a way of thinking or a habit which is robbing you of your peace of mind ~ well being?

Do you notice the more you do things you think “you should do” the more food calls to you?  

Think about the one thing you could stop doing today which could add to your peace of mind? Give yourself permission to stop doing it!

3 step process for letting go:

  1. Identify the problem. What isn’t working?
  2. Accept it isn’t working which means you don’t try to pretend, it’s not so bad, or you can live with it, or they, it means well… You say to yourself this really doesn’t work for me and I won’t try to make it work any longer.
  3.  Take action, if you jump to action before you truly accept it, you’ll still be trying to be in control and it’ll keep you attached to the problem and it won’t change! Seems so easy, but if you’re stuck ask yourself if you’ve really accepted how it is?

I’d love to hear your comment about what you need to let go or how you let go.

Finding yourself unable to let it go?

I can help you move through what isn’t working!

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This 2016 why not choose your YES and choose your NO?