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What if your 19 year old self reached out for help?

Many of us may have heard the message, (what I’m doing isn’t working), years before we decide to get help, but we may not have listened, we may have decided to push through telling ourselves we can do it ourselves. But then we finally say I give and admit, “what I’m doing isn’t working and I need help to do something different”.

Struggling To Change?

When we’re stuck in our story, it’s impossible to see a way out. I tried for years but as Einstein said “The mind that created the problem can not fix the problem”. We can’t see the situation any differently than our own point of view. Which is why we need others who can see beyond our story and show us possibilities where none seemed possible before.

The Cost Of Death

Last week my dad died three months short of his 95th birthday. Youngest of four I was privileged to have him to myself more than the other 3. I was definitely a “daddy’s girl”. My dad loomed large in my life, with his large frame, 5’11 fluctuating weight sometimes topping 250 and because my dad made the decisions in our house. His joy of seeing me and my fear of displeasing him fueled my decisions for years.

The Fix To Stress Causing You To Eat

Alice said: I thought I'd just have a little more at lunch, it was so good but then for the next two days I kept over eating and it seemed I couldn't stop. She discovered the over eating at lunch opened the door to more: nuts, granola, rice krispie treats... But the...

Emotional Eating Stopping You?

[bws_captcha]   "I'm nervous, anxious, it's hard to breathe this is usually when I grab food, or distract myself and push it away but it never completely goes away, this feeling always keeps me from taking different actions and why I keep doing the same thing and...