womaneatinginfrontofscreenCan we say mindless eating, many of us have no idea what we are doing with food, are you one of them? Is your mind distracted, are you lost in work, worry, tasks…What you are doing while eating directly effects  how much you eat, and how satisfied you feel.

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According to Stephanie Vangsness at Brigham and Women’s Hospital “Overeating and obesity are perhaps the most significant health problems caused, at least in part, by mindless eating. Plus the digestive process may be 30% to 40% less effective. This can contribute to digestive distress, such as gas, bloating and bowel irregularities.”

Mindless or not? Answer these questions, be honest, you are among friends:).

(scale of 1-10 doing this during the day, 1, not very much, 10 all the time)

1. Yep, no idea what I put in my mouth during the day?

2. I eat sitting in my car?

3. I eat my meals in front of my computer/desk during the day?

4. I chew my food less then ten times?

5. I eat watching tv?


6. Book in hand fork in other?

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-woman-eating-apple-ii-image23866369Find yourself more towards 10 than 1 on these?  Try this mindful eating exercise. An apple works, look at it, notice it’s color, it’s size, shape, smell, the feel of it, is it rough or smooth? Slowly, take a small bite, notice how it feels on your tongue, notice your mouths sensation, notice your salivary glands,  hold the apple in your mouth a few seconds before swallowing, slow the process down, than swallow. Struggling with mindless eating? Let’s talk!

Try this exercise next time you eat, let me know how it goes!