The key to your most important asset is knowing what it is and what it’s not. It’s not your work, house, or family it’s actually you. Because without you being your best, all of the above suffer. Oprah Winfrey quotable you’ve got to decide to make your health and well being your primary goal. Otherwise you run out of steam. And the will to keep going. And what I know for sure: living well is a decision and being well is the bonus.  Where you put your money and time is what you value most. If you’re energy is mostly about how to improve your: work, house or make life better for your kids…

Then your most important asset You, gets what’s left over.

Do you consistently short your sleep? Are you dependent on caffeine and sugar to keep you running? Does emotional balance sounds like a good idea?  Is it time for an upgrade?

You know the difference between when you’ve prepared for a meeting and when you’re winging it and if too many times you’re not prepared there’s consequences. And the same is true for you. When you expect yourself to keep long days and nights, and not plan for meals and do grab and go what’s available… because who has time for planning?

 Running from meeting to meeting, appointment to appointment, then off to pick up kids and feeling exhausted everywhere, no one wins. Especially not you and not your kids. Because they see their mom stressed out and unhappy. Know that what you do for others you have to do for yourself!

The Decision For Your Most Important Asset

You need to decide you’re worth it, take the time to invest in what you need. Be willing to get real with yourself and pay attention to what you’re truly asking for, then take the action that’s needed to do what it takes to make sure no matter what you get taken care of. Because there’s consequences to long term stress on your mind and body. You deserve to not have to get sick before you decide to invest in you!

I often hear from clients they’re great at taking care of their: husband, kids, parents, neighbors, clients … But when it comes to themselves they come up short. Secretly hoping someone else will, and resentful when it doesn’t happen.

Then finding themselves turning to a box of chips, ice cream, bottle of wine… Which eventually leads to feeling really miserable, because you feel like crap and you  know what you’re doing isn’t sustainable but you just aren’t sure how to do it differently.

I get it, and know you’re not alone. And know it starts with a decision: you’re worth it. Which means not matter what: you take time for you, and time for more then just a spa day. You make daily self care a priority and uncover/discover  what’s really going on so you can make daily life feel more balanced and more at peace.

When Ana and I started to work together she said I feel like I want run away and move to a remote island without a forwarding address .

Now months after working together she said I can’t believe it I mostly feel peace and days of extreme joy for no particular reason. (Ana’s life is still the same: business, husband and children. But what has changed is her).


The Time Is Now For Your Most Important Asset

As you’re approaching the end of the year and looking ahead to a new year what’re you willing to plan to do things different? So you’re greatest asset is cared for? A plan where you feel the way you’d like to feel. It doesn’t happen with a wish and a prayer it happens by truly deciding to do things differently.

I believe in you and your ability to do things differently and from my experience personally and from coaching others, it’s hard to change. It’s not that you don’t want to change but it’s so easy to get stuck in patterns that seem impossible to change.  Coaching gives you tools for doing things differently, so you too can be like my client Ana, and if you’d like my help moving forward and caring for you…

I’m offering you a 30 minute session to create your best 2020.

Look forward to talking with you soon.

Here’s to your best year so far!



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