IMG_0235I was thinking about Ganesh, the first time I was given a Ganesha I was doing yoga in Vermont at this lovely artisans home, her gift to me was a print of Ganesha, then when I was working on romance in my life Ganesh came to me as the vehicle that could be a reminder of removing what stood in my way.  Then another time I was generously gifted a wooden Ganesh from my clients travels in India, it sits in my car, a daily reminder, if I think I can rush and get somewhere, then really I may want to think again… I seem to know something about obstacles, the universe generously, patiently,  reminds me there are ways out of them. Ganesh is considered the god of wisdom and learning, as well as the remover of obstacles, and consequently the sign of auspiciousness. Wooden Ganesh given

In working with clients I am always aware that success for them is dependent on how willing they are to give up or move beyond their obstacles. Many times we think of obstacles as being tangible, what we see but the obstacles that I see, witness with myself and my clients are those unseen,  to our visual eye.  They are the things that create a hardening of our heart, a fear of upsetting the status quo, anxiety in our bellies, stuck patterns, beliefs that tell us, “I have to do things this way”, ” I know how to do this” when clearly we don’t because we have been doing the same thing for years and not getting the results we want. “They are expecting…”, “This I can’t give up”. We are so sneaky with ourselves how we tell ourselves all kinds of goofy things so we don’t have to be uncomfortable, so we don’t have to be beginners, so we don’t have to do something different and give to ourselves what we really want in  our hearts and answer the real craving within.

My friend Patty always laughs when I tell her that when I was little I used to ask my older brother so many questions that one day he said to me what are you a cop? I was so convinced that if I had all the information I would have safety, I just wanted to know.  Now I see what is behind this feeling of uncertainty, it is scary to be a beginner, not know the answers, maybe not even knowing the question, being open like a child.

This is where the true warrior beckons us to enter calling upon our willingness to enter the unknown,  to trust and allow taking one step then the next and then the next trusting there will be ground underneath our feet to take us to the place that we really want to go, which may look so different then we expected and may feel incredibly uncomfortable but that is where the joy, sweetness and the juice of life is waiting for us.

Drawing I was given