???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Saturday I gave a talk to a group of women on eating healthy and exploring diets, how they are a set up for us to fail, how we are surrounded by food and lifestyles that undermine our health. One of the women attending asked how do we gain the patience… when diets offer a quick fix? The question has stayed with me, it brings up the real reason we turn to “diets”. They offer us a quick fix, a temporary solution, or a belief in a solution,  without really addressing the real issues.

As I thought about patience I thought of the  phrase “patience is a virtue” but do we believe it? We want instant food, instant relief and take a pill, instant connections, instant access to information, we have come to expect things “should happen quick”.  We are not a process oriented society. As a person who has gone rounds with patience,  being the youngest child I always felt behind and according to the standards in my environment, I was. Like what you are reading get up dates in your mail box.As a result, I developed a hurry up attitude. I struggled with timing, and process didn’t exist. I wanted to be a stage ahead, it prompted my graduating high school in three years, plus my 20’s characterized a lot of moving on, to the next job, city, apt….


Then, something happened I found myself at a cross roads, my struggles with food and my body were starting to get in the way of  life, I was starting to care about being seen and being authentic, realizing if I continued to do things the same old way that wasn’t going to happen, I needed to change. Issues with food I had struggled with for decades were confronting me, and my patterns  were in my way, not working, I reached out,   I decided to stop trying to go it alone,  be willing to admit, I didn’t have the answers on food or my body and my need to control it with food or controlling it.  That admission gave me a feeling of huge relief and I thought finally! But, as in any change,  I hit  frustration, at what seemed like a snails pace, things weren’t happening, I remember saying “my process is too slow” and my guides answer was “it is your process and it is perfect” or something like that, it was the first time that it occurred to me my hurry up attitude really wasn’t serving me anymore. And I could accept things as they were (myself) or I could be miserable pushing against what is, living in resistance, not a great way to reach peace, or happiness.

In The Laws of Spirit when discipline and patience join forces, they become a persistence that endures past the peaks and valleys to carry intentions to completion.

Like what you are reading get up dates.