IMG_0081True confession my weekly blogging has been bogged down with perfectionism disguised as busyness plus I have no idea what to write and really its not that interesting. Granted daily I am deluges with ideas from clients, life on what I want to share but… not good has entered the room. I know none of you can relate to this. It wasn’t until I was talking to a fellow colleague that she said there is your topic write about perfectionism. In truth I think perfectionism is behind every inability we have to move forward. I see it with people I talk with who want to change but are afraid. What if my food isn’t perfect why even bother making any changes. What if I don’t lose the weight why even start. What if I lose the weight but it doesn’t stay off? What if I lose the weight but I don’t really change so it’s temporary why even put all that effort in? Why even start. Now this may be disguised as realism face the facts if I was going to have changed I would have already done it so it must be that god- universal forces- hereditary tendencies must mean for me to be this way. Because I would have already done it right?  If I were really going to be different it would have happened by 25, 35, 45, 55… you see how the story goes.

I, we get trapped into this world of limited thinking, limited ways of viewing ourselves and we don’t want to make a mistake, or fail so we do nothing. But I realize now sitting in my days/weeks  of perfectionism what really is gained by doing nothing? I definitely thought about what I wanted to say or topics I want to share about (it wasn’t this) but I did nothing. I remember when I used to work with/teach the Artists Way and in the book it says “Do you mean if I have talent that means I am supposed to use it? The answer is yes.” That is the gift we each have to share and it truly is in the sharing that we each gain in our richness.

Perfectionism is the seed of eating disorders… control, unhappiness. Truly in the way of spiritual laws we are all perfect, just the way we are, no one has to change anything, what we need is  more acceptance and appreciation to live our best selves.

When perfectionism is running the show we have lost our true selves, an imposter is creating havoc in our body, mind our life. Lots of  trying, effort-ing, angst, unhappiness, usually a good indication we are not being  ourselves.

I let this go, being perfectly imperfect, looking to living with more authenticity, to letting the imperfections be the light that brings more love into my  heart and hopefully yours as well and to  expressing the beautiful individuality within us all. From one guru to another. Big Hug!