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I binge-ate and was yo-yo-ing my entire life. One of Claudia’s, initial questions was, “What’s stopping you?” Then we began our journey of investigating what was behind all the stress/uncontrolled eating. I’d never done this. It’s such a blessing for a coach to look at Everything about my lifestyle, not just certain facets. It’s begun a ‘peeling-back’ of what the eating means and ways to be more mindful and how I’m sabotaging myself.

As I’ve shared more with Claudia, weight’s come off my body and spirit. I’m a lighter being as a result.

She’s the Real-Deal, knowing what I need and how to be supportive.


Barb C. Evanston, Psychologist



Claudia helped me realize my body is worth care and honor, with honesty and nurturing she helped me gain clarity and pushed me to break my habits and create new routines.


~ Kim, Chicago business owner


When I began working with Claudia I was eating fast foods, unable to say No to treats around me and making poor food choices. As a result of our work together, I now eat until I;m satisfied, I don’t eat processed foods, I feel better about myself and I now know I’ve the power to change! Claudia has been a gem to work with, I’m so grateful I found her!

Renee K, Lincolnwood, IL Office Manager



I’ve had so many great changes from working with Claudia, weight loss, ending stress/emotional eating, and self acceptance. The most profound change is not struggling with doing the right things. And, I’m not constantly bombarded with my negative internal voice!

 – Trisha S., Chicago IL Attorney


“My top three goals working with Claudia were to lose weight, eat better, and get healthier. In six months of working together, I lost 30 pounds, stopped my six cans of daily diet cokes, got away from packaged foods, and lost my cravings. Even when life was busy and stressful I was able to maintain my new habits; in the past during stressful times, I’d gain weight. Claudia’s program and upbeat attitude helped change the way I think. I learned I’d wrong ideas about food, I thought I was doing everything right; eating 1200 calories a day, feeling deprived but it didn’t work and I didn’t lose weight.”

– Leslie Thompson, Wheeling, IL


“My top goals in working with Claudia were to lose weight, implement better eating habits, find “me time” again and  have a healthier balance in my life. As a result of working together, I lost weight, feel healthier/happier than I have in a long time. I didn’t connect how the foods I was eating contributed to my not feeling great-it’s had such a positive impact on my life. I’ve lost weight and reached goals I set for myself. I’m craving foods- and I’m losing weight without feeling I’m always hungry. Claudia has been my biggest cheerleader, she offered, recipes, resources, nutritional information, and supported my emotional health. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. This was such a comprehensive program, it was life changing”.


– Kathy Kummer, teacher mom of two boys, Lombard, IL


“Claudia listened to what aspects of my life most likely contributed to my diet choices, I struggled with sugar addiction, low energy, and dependence on caffeine, and explained to me why it was easy to fall into these routines. My phone sessions with Claudia were always quite calming, and even after our first consultation, I felt like I could trust her and be completely open and honest with her. Even on the phone, she provided a safe and positive environment. From diet to sleep, relaxation to breathing, she made me more aware of what to do to with my body throughout the day.– Greg Horton, Evanston, IL


“As someone who has always been challenged with making healthy eating choices, I started working with Claudia to learn more about nutrition with a goal to lose ten pounds.  I began my journey with Claudia right at Thanksgiving and received her sound approach and techniques through the holidays. I learned how to eat more consistently throughout the day, which made for more conscious food planning and less emotional eating.  I also learned to proactively understand my emotional eating issues and implemented some important time management techniques to add more workouts to my weekly schedule. Not only did I not gain weight during the holidays this year, I lost weight after the holiday season. I thank Claudia for coaching me through this important transition in my life to make me more consciously connected to food and a healthier lifestyle for the future!!”


– Busy lawyer,  mom of two teen age boys, Deerfield , IL

“I new Claudia’s program was exactly what I needed to change my carb/sugar daily ritual, of “good until  just before dinner” then all hell breaking loose when I walked through the door ravenous, and eating crappy foods until I went to bed. The phone option, perfect for my busy lifestyle.  After a short time of working together all my cravings stopped, I felt more pleasant to be around, at work and at home! It was really remarkable!  I have never had this experience. Being given specifics of what to do, felt completely sustainable, the changes have been easy to incorporate and I never felt deprivation, or sadness for what I was giving up.  In the three months of working together, my health improved, I’ve cooked more, my happiness increased, I felt more spiritually and creatively fulfilled, I am so happy I made this decision, perfect beginning to my new pregnant self! “~ K. H, Evanston, IL


lifestyle coaching on the beach


“The night before my first session with Claudia, my husband told me he wanted a divorce and my sweet dog died. It’s true! If there was ever a time I needed to finally, truly address my relationship with food, that was it! I had spent 40 years using food to ease stress and anxiety and shield myself from my feelings as well as other people.
Claudia provided a listening ear that was without shame. Every week, I could talk to her about my struggles with overeating and why I was reaching for food. She taught me how to look inside myself and my faith in God to find better ways to deal with my feelings and anxiety. She asked thoughtful questions and pointed out errors in my thinking. She helped me realize that I could break the cycle, and overcome my oldest hang-up and habit!
I have steadily lost weight (I still have a ways to go) and I’m exercising every day. I have even taken up hiking on the weekends, which I have found I really enjoy! But the best thing is that I do not overeat anymore. I stop eating before I am full. I do not use food to stuff down my feelings. That is a HUGE victory for me.
I shudder to think where my life, and my weight, would be right now if I hadn’t made this commitment.” ~ Michele Rempel, CA


“Thank you Claudia for your help! Before progress seemed impossible, now I’m doing it! Claudia is the light in the dark, she helped me understand what was happening, when I had no clue, she supported my progress, she helped me figure out my needs and gave me perspective for my situation.” Laine Heuer, Evanston, IL


“As a result of the working with Claudia I experience fewer cravings that used to lead to overeating, exhaustion and overload. I now know what the real cravings are. Instead of using food for my cravings I have tools to take care of myself. Meal planning used to confuse and overwhelm me, I now have confidence in my ability to create a grocery list for my meals, I know what to feed myself! Working with Claudia is delightful. Her infectious laugh kept the work grounded in levity and hope. This is definitely for those who want to eat well, live healthier, and improve their self care.” ~ Megan B, Evanston, IL.


“Claudia has supported me wonderfully in improving my physical and overall health.  In the past, a lot of my un-coached efforts involved trying to NOT DO things – and then feeling bad, because I did not stop my less-than-ideal habits.  What I need is better things TO DO, that are doable — and I need reinforcement and encouragement regarding my progress doing better things. Claudia has given me very specific, achievable improvements given my goals, my preferences, my inclinations and my life’s realities.  She also reminds me of the part of the mountain I’ve climbed so that I am hopeful and motivated when I look up at, what seems at times, a long climb ahead.  In the six months that I’ve been coached by Claudia, I am eating better, cooking more, exercising more, managing my day better, and being truer to myself in my relationships.  My doctor has noted that my Crohn’s and Colitis is the least symptomatic of the 42 years that’d I’ve had those conditions.  I have eliminated two medications that managed symptoms.  My weight is good, my spirits are lifted and I am having fun with my physical activities.” ~ Jeffrey Korman, Evanston, IL


“My work with Claudia came at a time that I was feeling my focus and energy was not being directed to the necessary places in my life. Everything felt a little out of sorts and I needed to regroup. Claudia helped me to identify not only where I can make some minor changes but that I am in total control of those changes. What was so helpful was having certain goals for every two weeks and focusing on that – it made it much less overwhelming and much more attainable. Claudia asks such thoughtful questions and allows you to get there yourself but provides the exact guidance, support and suggestions that made me feel I was talking with a friend with very intentional conversations, topics and goals in mind. I’m excited to carry over many of the ideas and goals we set for myself and incorporate them into my daily habits and ultimately a lifestyle”.  ~ Maureen Palchak, Evanston, IL


“After working with Claudia for six months, I feel lighter, more aware of my eating habits and patterns, and on the path of a healthy lifestyle.  Even though I came in knowing a lot about good nutrition, she helped me to apply this knowledge and other forms of self-care into my life.  Her caring spirit and optimism has me looking forward to sessions — it is a place where I feel safe and heard.  And she always knows what’s the next right step.” – Carol J., Evanston, IL

Claudia was the source of encouragement and accountability I needed to actually make the changes in my life that I have been wanting to for so long. I wanted to believe that a healthy way of eating, exercising, and living could be truly enjoyable and playful, rather than full of limitations and work.  Claudia confirmed this belief and has helped me create this in my life. My workout routines feel more like active play, eating is awesome and nourishing and has also become a way of honoring my body, and my way of living has become “lighter” and more aligned with what really matters. For me it’s been all about changing my perspective first and the actions followed.” – Catherine J., Chicago, IL


“I am more energetic, optimistic, and motivated, I feel more discipline and more aware of what I am feeling.  I eat healthier and I am losing weight. I feel more self confident, noticing I am less judgmental as I know myself better. Claudia helped me recognize areas of my life that could use improvement and offered healthy ways to deal with them.” – Gigi Giuliano, Evanston, IL

“When I talk with Claudia I feel all my stress from daily living being lifted. Doing Health Coaching with Claudia has changed my life”. – Cecelia Brennan, Aurora, IL


“In two weeks, I lost nine pounds effortlessly, made lifestyle changes, home improvements—and my social life expanded as I had more energy and willingness to get out of my house and participate with others. I’m really excited to be making these changes!” – Courtney Bobst


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“I am a technology executive and a father of four. After a shiatsu massage session with Claudia, I am calm and clear. The aches, as well as the racing thoughts, are gone. I have not only been repaired from life’s stresses and strains, but I feel well prepared to create a healthier and happier tomorrow.” – Jeffrey K.


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