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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Benefit from the use of multiple services to achieve results— : lifestyle coaching (learn how to prioritize what’s important to you, with accountability, someone who gets you and sees your strength and ability to change and get results), emotional patterning release (undo old patterns that keep you stuck) and nutritional support (eat for your body and unique lifestyle).

I believe when you change your thinking, and improve your daily habits, you’ll maximize results to feel inside as good as you look on the outside.

Claudia Braun Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

What’s Holistic Lifestlye Coaching?

Holistic Lifestyle coaching helps you get clarity on your patterns and it helps you uncover your thinking that has kept you stuck.

Once you get clarity and uncover your thinking you can change long held unhealthy habits of: eating, lack of self care, unhappy relationships, quitting on yourself, and lack of motivation to follow through with your plan. 

Through this coaching program, you’ll be given tools to stop the struggle and the self-sabotage patterns that goes with the cycles of: unhealthy eating, over working, anxiety, stress, that make you stop taking care of yourself.

Once this changes you can live life with joy and freedom and experience the health and vitality you deserve.

Holistic Lifestlye Coaching is Right For You If:


– You  struggle, and are unable to sustain consistent results.

– You’re tired of feeling exhausted and thinking you’re broken.

– You’re ready to make YOU a priority.

– You’re ready to thrive and feel as good as you’ve been wishing you did.

Holistic Lifestlye Coaching


Frustrated with yourself? Annoyed you start out well then stress and unforseen events take over, and you start feeling less confident, unhappy? Turning to food, alcohol maybe hiding out in Netflix?

Feeling things aren’t working!

Ready to learn another way?

Contact me to…

Essential Oils


oils on table


Essential oils are an ideal match for your optimal health and joy. Use pure,  therapeutic oils to ensure you receive the benefits intended. Not all oils are alike these oils are backed by 25 years of purity and proven results. Find out and…

Akashic Reading



Akashic reading is your blueprint for your soul until you reach transition into your next life time. it comes with guidance, references and teachings for you to master in this life time.

During a reading you’ll ask questions and receive information from your soul informing you of your now.

Create the life you love

Holistic Lifestyle coaching isn’t a quick fix, but it’s the solution to change your unhealthy habits and patterns so you can finally feel great, for life. And in these uncertain times, what you do have is how you feel.

Give yourself the gift of a customized plan based on your unique goals and challenges. Where you can be guided to release long held patterns that’ve kept you stuck, so you can live life the way you really want. You’ll be motivated, inspired and guided to create the success you’ve been craving.

I realize it can be scary to reach out, so I’ll let Ana my client talk to you, so you can see what’s possible for you…

I met Claudia by bumping into her in the bathroom at a networking event. I am a firm believer that everything happens in the time and space sequence intended and meeting Claudia was no coincidence. I bumped into her when I needed her the most.
It’s been 6 months since we started working together and I feel like I have gotten a lot more out of this relationship than I ever expected. I was looking for a magic pill to solve all my problems and Claudia is everything but. She guides you into taking everything that you’re currently made of, breaking it down to your purest elements and then rebuilding those elements into your own true self. She asks the tough questions and helps you get to your own true answers. She holds you accountable and doesn’t hesitate in providing genuine feedback. Claudia gets invested and knows your whole story, family and hidden feelings that need to be brought to the surface.
Claudia has helped me set up a schedule for my days and a routine for my life so that I can reconnect with myself and put out the best version. I have better relationships with myself, my children, my husband and my community because with Claudia’s help I now speak and live by my own truth.
I HIGHLY recommend the financial and personal investment that it takes to bring yourself to the next level of existence by working with Claudia!


Isn’t it time for you too?

If you’re reading this you’re ready for something better.

Click the link below and we’ll be in touch. 

Until then, take good care of you.

Claudia Braun Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

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