If you’re waiting until you’re ready you’ll never start. I’m reminded of when I started my shiatsu practice, I had just made the decision to go to school and start a private practice, a friend said she was giving a talk to people who were going to be missionaires, and she needed someone to come and do massage for these people, would I come? But at the time I had taken only a few classes and was just starting to  work on my friends. And I really didn’t feel ready. I didn’t think I knew enough. I didn’t know if I’d be any good. I had a lot of doubts, and fears about what could go wrong here.

But I also thought this would be great way to practice and it would start to make me feel like I could do it. So I said yes to Cate.

I had a lovely connection with the firs woman I worked on but about 15 minutes into the session she had an attack, a really sharp pain and I didn’t know what to do, she didn’t know my experience level, but I thought okay stay calm just ask her, what’s going on, she told me she’d just had a hysterectomy. And I asked her what she needed to do, she said turn over. She did and we proceeded!  Overall we both had an awesome experience together.

shiatsu massage

shiatsu massage in action

I learned, I’d never know everything and that people know what they need to do, and I can trust I’ll learn as I go, so start.

And about a year later the woman I saw for shiatsu, asked me if I’d teach a shiatsu class for massage students. She said she was too busy but she was sure I’d do a great job, and don’t even think you can’t do it. It was completely out of my comfort zone, I was a beginner, she had been doing the work for years and my mind said who was I teach others when I was just learning. But I thought okay I’ll talk to the owner of the school and if she thinks I’m a good fit, I’ll not disqualify myself. And she too, thought this was a good idea, and in truth she needed a teacher and wasn’t really in a position to be picky.

So I decided, to say yes, I figured I’d learn and I did.  And I wasn’t ready, but I was asked, and somewhere inside of me, I heard if you’re asked, you’re ready. And it was a huge growth opportunity. What’s a thing you’ve said yes to before you were ready?

Often in coaching I hear: I’m not ready to; change my eating, commit to making time for myself, say no to…get coaching, talk with my boss about what I really want to be doing, do whatever the scary thing feels like at the time.

And what I know, you’ll never be completely ready.

Every year at Thanksgiving we go around the table and say what we’re grateful for and there’s quite a number of us now, my parents had 4 children, and have 11 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren and my dad frequently tells the story that he never thought about having children, he and my mom were dating they were having fun, my mom wanted to get married, and then she presented the idea of having a baby, my dad: ” I thought why have a baby we’re having such a good time”. But he said I never could’ve imagined I’d be so lucky to have all of this, I wasn’t really ready to have children and all of that…

Start before you’re ready, allow yourself to be imperfect and be in the process. In my Get Your Sexy Back group (for women to lose weight, feel more confident and recommit to themselves), I love these women who each session show up! They’ve committed to be in the process, and sometimes that’s their commitment, to be in the process. And I think showing up when we don’t have it all together is what it’s all about. Committed to being imperfectly human and even if they didn’t do exactly what they committed to do, they know by showing up, they’ve a better chance of not staying stuck where they’re at.

I had a few women at my house on Thursday and we talked about the power of essential oils in committing to a healthy life style and it occurred to me how important action is to getting us to where we ultimately want to go. Just thinking about changing our lifestyle doesn’t get us there. Doing all the research to find “the perfect” plan, “diet”, “program”… won’t get you there. It’s the decision and then taking action.

It’s been my experience if it’s in front of me, and I’m saying but I’m not ready, there’s a fear element and then I can look at what am I afraid of, and what I can do to start taking action. It’s easy to stay where you are, change means risk and it also means growth and I see it’s easy to stay where you are then to risk taking imperfect action, but the treasure is on the other side.

What’s the imperfect action you’ve been avoiding?

  • Willing to get clarity on your situation?
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  • Willing to feel inspired to take your next action steps?

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