Feeling overwhelmed by life stressors, balancing; work, family and home needs, realizing there’s no time for you? Seeing whatever healthy ways you had are long gone, feeling lucky you remember you used to know how to take care of yourself? If you’re struggling to manage and hold it all together, feeling good and appreciative is often missed or at best minimized in comparison to the struggle!

If getting from where you are to where you want to be is feeling overwhelming, I have something for you! Let me show you how to change your experience. Join me here.

Do This Today!

1. At the end or beginning of your day, sit in a quiet comfortable space for five minutes.

2. Write three things you’re grateful for.

3. Take a deep breath begin focusing on your breathing.  Spend the remainder of your time contemplating those three things.

Let me know what happens. Remember small incremental changes can create a lifetime of change.

You can’t feel stressed and grateful at the same time.

Expressing gratitude is your game changer!


Gratitude is an internal feeling a way of being rather than a temporary state of being only feeling good is what we want to happen does happen. And grateful people — those who perceive gratitude as a permanent trait rather than a temporary state of mind — have an edge on the not-so-grateful when it comes to health, according to Emmons’ research on gratitude. “Grateful people take better care of themselves and engage in more protective health behaviors like regular exercise, a healthy diet, regular physical examinations,” Emmons tells WebMD.

Let me show you how to change your experience. Join me here.