buddah“We’re here to wake up, I grew up at 222 Rip Van Winkle in a suburb of Houston, Texas, we were all asleep. We’d no connection to anyone in the house, we didn’t talk about feelings, ignored them, all of us looking like we knew what we were doing, pretending, imploding from within.  Mine was alcohol, my sisters was perfectionism, my other sister was the over achiever all of us blocking how we felt  because there was no room to be who we were, fitting into some idea of “what was right”, she said”

Even though she and I grew up a few years and states apart, I understand her experience. I too was sleep walking through my early years, with limited language, and understanding of what I was experiencing. The cost of not being awake was living a life where my spirit was squashed, trying to be someone I wasn’t, and uncertain who I was or what I really wanted.

Buddha said we’re hear to awaken, Jesus said we’re here to love one another. If you don’t love yourself loving someone else is a bit tricky, complicated and messy, instead we need others to be who we want them to be or some version of who we think they should be, to feel okay.

Waking up involves looking within, often working with clients there’s a resistance to going there, it’s uncomfortable, can feel wrong, their habit is to look outside, focus on what’s not working, their job, their family, they don’t do things because someone else won’t like it or doesn’t want to. But when you get clear on what you need, the next and right step continues to beckon so not doing it feels worse than trying the unfamiliar. I’d love to learn your story. I’m offering you a no fee breakthrough session let’s discover where you want to be, let’s talk.

I’m aware success for them is dependent on their willingness to look within as well as make changes at the external level, and move through obstacles, if there weren’t any the changes would’ve been made long ago.

Maybe you think of obstacles as being tangible, but the obstacles I witness are those unseen. They’re what create a hardening of the heart, a fear of upsetting the status quo, the anxiety in the belly, stuck patterns, beliefs that say, “I’ve always done things this, It’s how it has to be”, ” I know how to do this”, “Women this age always have…” 

“They’re expecting…”, “This I can’t give up”. Do you notice how sneaky you are with your self, telling your self all kinds of goofy things so you don’t have to be uncomfortable, so you don’t have to be a beginner, so you don’t have to do something different and give your self what you secretly want ~ to answer the craving within!

Food can be a great protector, allowing you to stay safe, keeping you from your hearts true craving, and stopping your movement forward. It ‘s scary to be a beginner, to not know the answers, maybe not even know the question, being open like a child.

When you’re not getting results, it’s the reminder change is beckoning, and your greatness is just beyond your comfort level. Where your warrior self beckons you to enter the unknown, to trust and allow taking one step than the next and than another, than another, trusting, there will be ground underneath your feet taking you to the place you truly want to go, which may look different than what you expected and may feel incredibly uncomfortable but it’s where the joy, sweetness and the juice of life is waiting, beyond your comfort zone. I’d love to learn your story. I’m offering you a no fee breakthrough session let’s discover where you want to be.