girllookingatthegroundMonday I came down with a bizarre digestive upset, suddenly came on me and took me over and s-l-o-w-e-d me down, where standing was kind of exhausting. Walking the three floors up to my condo, and walking my 4 legged friend was enough to wipe me out.

I was taken back by the extreme changes in my energy, the sudden inability to do what my body normally does with ease, I’m used to  walking the stairs multiple times a day and it’s no more exhausting than making my bed. But things had temporarily changed…

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My 7 Gifts Of Being Sick

Gift #1 Reminder, how healthy my body is and I move easily!

Gift #2 Compassion, for friends and family who come to my place and our exhausted by the time they reach the end of the third  flight.

Gift #3 Appreciation for the energy I normally have to do what I need to do during the day.

Gift #4 This is temporary, I am usually really healthy, compassion for others struggling.

Gift #5 I am abundantly grateful for all the ways my body does what it needs to do naturally.

Gift #6  The gift of Slowing Down not what I do naturally, I have been able to see how often I am moving from one activity to the next, reminded how slowing down is a practice in kindness, a great mitigator of stress.

Gift #7, This too is for my good. So often when something happens, sickness, accident, dis-ease,  a judgement is put on it, “it’s so bad it’s happening to you”, but what if it too is for your good? Perhaps it’s the universes way to get your attention?

A friend of mine uses the acronym of PAIN as pay, attention, inside, now, your inner self is trying to get your attention. The question is, are you listening? Frequently you feel inconvenienced maybe take a pill, and want to keep moving rather than stopping to go within and listen to the message.

Talking with a friend last night, who’s been diagnosed with cancer, she mentioned she’s working with the question, how’s this for my good?

This coincides with my Course In Miracles lesson, “For what God gives can only be for good. And I accept but what He gives as what belongs to me”. (lesson #214) As much as this has been an “inconvenience”, stopped me from attending things on my schedule, it’s also showed me how well I normally function, how gratitude helps me connect reminds me it’s about going within for guidance, and not covering up but actually uncovering the inner truth.