Alice said:

I thought I’d just have a little more at lunch, it was so good but then for the next two days I kept over eating and it seemed I couldn’t stop.

She discovered the over eating at lunch opened the door to more: nuts, granola, rice krispie treats…

But the biggest why it didn’t work was because she’d just gotten upsetting news about her daughter.

How many times has this happened to you?

If you’ve had the thought a little bit will be okay and then when you examine it you discover “the news” was behind “the little bit this time will be okay” thinking.


The overeating in it self is it’s own issue, the remorse for overeating, the hangover effect of eating too much, the digestive distress from the excess food, the food fog from the excess food/carbs, all around overeating makes you feel really bad!

But when you’ve just received news something isn’t what you’d expected, you owe more money for taxes, your daughter is failing in school, you’ve a health scare… And then you compound it with overeating because you want to go away for awhile and numb out, now you’ve more than one problem and the originally problem looks a lot worse because you’ve just complicated it with your over eating.

So what can you do to make a different choice?


This is the plan Alice and I created.

1. Acknowledge: important step! Getting “news” that you find disturbing, is a red flag for a potential food challenge.

this means pretending you’ve got this and you’re just going to go into high gear and fix it, isn’t enough. Being a strong smart woman means you’re trying to be in control and usually it means eating will come out sideways. So give yourself permission to identify this is hard, I may not be feeling it now but it’s not easy for me.

2. Take time and pay attention to how you’re feeling, I recommend journaling.  Thinking you can bypass your feelings will keep you in the emotional eating dance, 1 step forward and 2 steps back, it won’t change. If you’re an emotional eater, you have to start dealing with your emotions, they’re what’s taking you into the food. And remember, you want to do something different:).

3. Extend compassion to yourself, it’s so easy to wan to force yourself to do something, like “get over it”, “it’s no big deal”, “lots of people have it worse”, “I can handle this”. If you can be really kind, and gentle with yourself when you’re feeling more emotional and vulnerable, goes a really long way. Give yourself space to have a nice walk, take a bath, smell essential oils, listen to music, get a massage, up the kindness.

4. Let go of perfectionism. You’re not going to make the perfect decision all the time, not with your self, eating or your kids…And the more you can be okay with doing the best you can, trusting you make good decisions and affirming you make good decisions, the more you’ll feel at peace and continue to heal your eating and your relationship with yourself. And reminding yourself you’re not in charge of the world, there’s unseen intelligence you’re co-creating with, and it’s an opportunity to really let go and trust. 


 Get Support. Sharing with a coach, or a trusted friend will help you get a perspective you don’t have. My client Alice said to me, I didn’t think I was upset. it wasn’t until we talked that she got, she had no idea how she felt and because she’s used food for so long, she has a delayed response. But on her own, she wasn’t getting what was happening, or a plan to work it through.

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Here’s What To Expect From Your Session:

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Heather said after her breakthrough session:

I finally know why I’ve not gotten results in the past!

~ Kim N. says…I’m reinforced knowing I can change, and I’m worth investing in. And now I’ve new tools, and am able to move through my resistance, and feel more empowered.