IMG_1519Dear Claudia,


I’m a big time stress eater! I travel for work weekly, I’m in two cities between, LA and Chicago, seems impossible to get it right with my food and take care of myself.  I’m okay for a few days but than I lose it. Feels like I’ve done this so many times I don’t know where to start anymore. Can you help me get started, where do I begin?


Caught Between Two Cities


Dear Caught Between Two Cities,


I hear your dilemma, I understand, travel can be stressful, doing it every week add additional strain. As an emotionally stress induced eater there’s an added strain on you and your routine. Expect a process to get yourself turned around but with support, you can change this pattern. In addition to straightening out your eating, you’ll gain the great feeling of taking care of yourself in the way you really want!


I’d suggest you begin with is my 3 Days to Clean Eating, will be a great boost for you. With daily food suggestions, and self care practices. Included in this 3 Days to Clean Eating, there’s information on incorporating essential oils, one of my secret weapons to creating overall health. Secret because most people don’t know how powerfully effective they can be.

I’ve read and experience with in 60 seconds your body begin to register changes from the oils. The molecules are so small they go into the limbic part of our brain and effect your emotions where emotional eating starts. Essential oils can support your changes making the transition easier. I want to encourage you to get support. As a health coach it’s my love to help you reach your goals and with the many times you’ve tried and not succeeded I’d love to help you move beyond the obstacles internally preventing you from achieving your goals.

I know you can do it!!! Download my 3 Days to Clean Eating and at day 4 let me know how you’re doing if you need support before day 4 reach out, here’s my email address,


Caught between two cities, I’m here for you!