Do you find yourself saying  I am so tired, I could sleep for days? Here are some of the highlights from a talk I am giving tomorrow for a group of women, on how we drain our energy, plus what we can do to change.

Top 5 Energy Drainers Which Are You Doing?

1. Sugar ~ if you are turning to sugar for your energy boost, it will give you an instant jolt, an also drain your energy, plus creating,  mood swings, anxiety, brain fog… Sugar reeks havoc on our blood sugar, which is why initially it feels like the answer when you are tired but  it is the worst choice, because in the end it will exhaust you and keep you in a loop of needing more and it not working, also the definition of addiction.

2. Caffeine ~ too much caffeine will drain your adrenals our vital energy source. Caffeine is a false sense of energy and like sugar the more you use it the more you need it. Caffeine, is considered a drug by the FDA, it effects are auto immune system, which controls our brain, and effects our ability to relax and feel at ease. Want to learn more about the effects of caffeine, read more about caffeine.

3. Stress, the constant effects of stress, be it emotional, or physical drain our natural energy supply. When you are bombarded with daily stress, it creates a mental exhaustion, it is the underlying factor of many diseases, and symptoms; like headaches, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep…Daily working at a job you hate, an environment you constantly feel under pressure, where you feel put upon or unsatisfied, or a relationship where you find yourself constantly giving without anything coming back can create a mountain of stress, draining internally and years of this creates a host of problems, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

4. Worry ~I find that people underestimate the effects of worry/fear, the constant companion thinking the sky is going to fall, or waiting for the next shoe to drop. Our beliefs are poweful, if you constantly think that, it will come true. Ever find yourself negatively thinking into the future, expecting the worse possible scenario to happen? Or do you find yourself constantly ruminating over something someone said to you, that you didn’t really like? Have you ever noticed how tired it is to think that way? Do you really want to continue on this way? Keep reading, for the answers.

5. Lack of Sleep~ sleep deprivation is real, we don’t function as well with a lack of sleep, our brain function is slowed, our ability to respond is effected, accidents are more prevalent without enough sleep. Every body is different on the amount they need but low levels contribute to our fatigue, low sex drive, accidents…

Top 5 Energy Boosters

I promised you a solution, what kind of friend leaves you in the problem?Like what you are reading,  stay connected.

1. Meditate ~ even sitting quietly for 5 minutes can have a radical effect on your life. Try it, let me konw:).

2. Eat well,~ what you eat effects your cells and effects, which effects how you think, if your thinking is off so will you be. Need help? My specialty!

3. Exercise ~ Movement has such an important effect on our brain, our bodies are menat to move, the old saying use it or lose it is true. A short walk, park far from your destination to begin.

4. Gratitude ~ Focus on the good that is happening, every day think of 5 good things that you appreciate about yourself and/or your life. Gratitude is the game changer, as I have heard a friend of mine say, and I would agree, how we view our life is how it is.

5. Be Around Happy People ~ being with a community of others who also want to feel good and focus on the good in life is contagious, consider participating in a spiritual community or be the change agent in your group. Happiness is contagious.

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