IMG_2013What if you committed the next 30 days to only making food and life stlye choices that were life affirming, would that change your life?

I am interested in supporting healthy-eating/living and it has occurred to me, how powerful 30 days can be ~ I am reminded of the power our daily choices have. From what I know about my self and from working with clients, I see how easy it is to go unconscious around food, and living, especially around “special events”, like the  holidays, or birthdays, office functions, anniversaries, exciting news, life changes… life!

But, what if you had  a commitment; for the next 30 days to do something radically different, to stay connected, to not numb out with food, or tv, or over activity, but to pay attention? To devote yourself to actively listening to yourself, to going inside and getting the information needed to make the next decision and then the next, and the next, what if you were willing to love yourself that much to actively listen, engage, probe, act on what you discover, rather then dictating, and bullying yourself? What if you committed to showing yourself greater love and compassion for your needs, and desires. What if you daily choose greater connection, authenticity, and greater self appreciation, dropping the rules  “the shoulds” and go within for guidance?

It is easy to get programmed to believing things are supposed to look a certain way, putting yourself in a narrow box, expecting yourself to thrive from that place, without allowing yourself to be embraced or nourished in the way your inner self is craving.

When I am working with individuals on the 30 days to healthy-eating/living, there is so much more beyond the food and weight, for many I work with, it can be the first time of true listening, with curiosity to what the cravings are saying, discovering what  nourishment is desired.

journaling_within-artsyGoing the inner journey alone can feel daunting, slowing, down, getting quiet brings up so much, eating, staying busy, distracting oneself gets referred, but with support and accountability the path is sweet and you experience the gift your life is meant to be.

I would love to support you on your path to going within.

~With hugs & love