with a friend, she said I’ve this heavy feeling I’m walking through sand, things are feeling heavy and hard, but nothings really bad. Experiencing a cold and dreary day and knowing she was in a bright sunny location, knowing it’s not the weather, it’s the experience within.  I’m aware of this stuck feeling, she named it; RESISTANCE!

Resistance shows up when my love of trying new things conflicts with my old beliefs of “new things, are scarey, how’s this is going to turn out, maybe it’s not a good idea, probably won’t work, so don’t do it”. Like what you’re reading, get free updates and my free 3 day mini detox with essential oils.

IMG_2860When I was child my dad owned a boat, not a very nice boat but a boat. It was his dream to own a boat, he couldn’t afford to dock it in a location near our house so we traveled over an hour away, he was a terrible driver, kept hitting other people’s boats, but he was living his dream, he was a proud owner of a boat and occasionally he actually drove it arriving where he intended to go. On one of his excursions my mother was with him and I, (she frequently took a pass) he was heading under a bridge and she shouted hey J, you’ve never been under a bridge before, she really wanted it to be the reason he turned around, and to his credit, he said “we are now!”

For me resistance is like that, one voice saying hey let’s change, try this new idea, explore this new practice and the other voice saying hey, you’ve never done this before, what do you think you’re doing turn around! This to me defines resistance, one foot forward the other foot going back, really hard to move, try it, see what happens, at best you stay stuck, at worst you get all tangled up, in confusion.

But identifying resistance for what it is, is like identifying the emperor’s new clothes, taking the power out of it. Name it, it loses it’s power. Often we don’t even know we’re in it, which is why it’s so essential to begin a new path with lots of support, let others in, support you,  be a way show-er, your mirror, because when we are so “in it” we can’t see what we’re doing.

I wish for you boundless blessings to go for what you want, and to get the support you need to get you where you want to go. I’d love to be part of your team. Ready for change, equally scared, Let’s talk, how could 20 minutes change your life?