With over 20 years of experience in holistic practices, Claudia Braun is an expert in the world of health and wellness. After working in corporate America following earning her BA, Claudia’s journey shifted drastically when she found a passion for holistic health.

Certified in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique, she combines her passion for health and self care, with her belief in wholeness. In this busy world with increasing demands, greater stress and illness many feel out of control. In her  work and her talks she offers tools, inspiration and education to experience greater peace, personal wellness, and a path to empowerment.

Life’s full of unpredictable, uncontrollable events, obligations,

                                                               demands, delights, adventures, risks… but what can be controlled is the commitment and

investment one makes to prioritizing their health and well being.


Instead of being tossed about by life’s circumstances, feel the

strength and clarity from doing the things which increase your

healthy body. Learn to eat foods your body needs, take action to

create inner peace and calm, and discover how to carve out time

to feed your inner self. When you do these things, watch the

vitality show up in all areas of your life!


What I know for sure: Being well is a decision.

Living well is the bonus.

~ Oprah Winfrey


Workplace Topics:

 – Prioritize You And Take Your Life Back

 – Managing Your Energy In A Volatile World

 – 5 Tips To Fall In Love With Yourself

Contact Claudia to present at your next event: claudia@claudia-braun.com