Enhance Your Flexibility, Strength, and Inner Serenity.

Yoga is a powerful form of physical movement that awakens the spine and opens the limbs and joints, while deepening and regulating the breathing.

Yoga has been practiced for centuries. We know the ancient Egyptians practiced this form of movement because we see that pyramids have yogic movements on them. It was central to their life.

Today, many people recognize the importance of including yoga in our busy lifestyles. Yoga is known to enhance flexibility, balance, strength and inner serenity.

Anyone—regardless of age or fitness level—can start and enjoy a challenging and healing yoga practice. That’s part of the beauty of yoga: it is adaptable to you, whenever and wherever you are.

Private sessions provide an individual the attention you need to enhance your practice. As a beginner, you will learn the foundation to create a lifelong yoga practice. And whether you’re a beginner or more advanced student, it is an opportunity to focus on your personal practice. The undivided attention can aid in providing clarity and depth of study.

Claudia Braun Private Yoga Instructor

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